Making the countdown block customizable

Making the countdown block customizable


Now we have an h1 element rendered, it's possible to use it to display information that depends on the component's properties (props). For that, some concepts will be shown, given that they are essential for app development.

Changing the content rendered on the component

  1. In the interface defined in Countdown.tsx, add a prop called targetDate, its type is string. We are, hence, defining a component prop that will be used to initialize the countdown.

    // react/Countdown.tsx
    interface CountdownProps {
    +   targetDate: string
  2. Now, we need to use it on the component, substituting the text used previously, Countdown Test, for another, using Site Editor.

    Keep in mind that targetDate will be used to define the countdown ending date. However, for now, it will work as a dummy field.

    First, change the component in order for it to use the targetDate prop. To do that, you need to use its variable inside the h1 of the React component.

    // react/Countdown.tsx
    const Countdown: StorefrontFunctionComponent<CountdownProps> = ({
    }) => {
      return (
  3. Furthermore, to be able to edit this property through Site Editor, it's necessary to add that same prop to the schema. This is done by adding the targetDate key to the properties object of the schema:

    // react/Countdown.tsx
    Countdown.schema = {
      title: 'editor.countdown.title',
      description: 'editor.countdown.description',
      type: 'object',
      properties: {
    +   targetDate: {
    +      title: 'Final date',
    +      description: 'Final date used in the countdown',
    +      type: 'string',
    +      default: null,
    +   },

All set! Now you can change the text content through Site Editor.

You can go to the Site Editor by accessing the following link: {yourWorkspace}

Go ahead to the Site Editor and click on Countdown on the side menu, this will open an edit menu, like the shown below:


Now, in the field below the title, type the date in the format AAAA-MM-DD and see the change, that will then show the text you've typed!


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