Course Introduction

Calling VTEX Commerce APIs through VTEX IO


In this course, you will learn some basic concepts about VTEX Commerce APIs and also how to use them in your application running on VTEX IO.


  • It is important that you have completed the VTEX IO Service Course, which explains how backend services works within VTEX IO.
  • We also hope that you have learned the concept of Client in the services.

What will you learn?

  • How to find references about VTEX Commerce APIs.
  • How to authenticate to make calls to APIs.
  • How to reuse Clients available in the community.
  • How to use these Clients to make requests in a VTEX IO application.


To exercise the concepts learned in this course, it is necessary that you have the vtex.service-example app available locally, also used in the Services course.

So, if you don't already have this application on your computer:

  1. Clone the vtex-apps / service.example repository with the command: git clone

  2. Inside the app folder, run vtex link to check if the app builds normally. You should receive a link to a public route that the code exposes.

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