Learning Flow


All courses are designed in such a way that each student develops at their own pace. The format of the course was designed so that each of them contains several steps, each with its proper activity.

Below you can see an example of a course homepage. There is the title, a brief description of what will be covered during the course, and a list of the steps and their descriptions. To start it, just click on the first step!

At the end of each step of the course, there may be a link to the course template, a page that contains all the project files that need to be changed in that specific step.

By clicking on this link, you will be redirected to a page like the following:


Each file that needs to be changed during the step will have a corresponding tab, whose title is the name of the file.


The steps of each course were organized in such a way that knowledge is being built along with them, in a continuous and dependent manner. Thus, avoid as much as possible skipping steps in each course, this is very important for you to be introduced to all the necessary concepts.


TL; DR: Avoid skipping steps as much as possible, follow the course order!

So that we can follow the evolution of developers throughout the courses, we monitor progress metrics, so that we can evaluate possible difficulties or even help people who may be stuck in some step. In addition, we also evaluate the average course completion time, so that we can see points of improvement.

So, in order to keep the metrics, always go to the next step using the button at the end of the current step. And, at the end of the last step of the course, don't forget to finish it by clicking the button, this is important for us to keep our metrics valid.

  • Button to go to the next step:

  • Button to end the course:


TL; DR: Always use the buttons at the end of each step to go to the next steps. In the last step, click on the button to finish it!


Feedbacks are always welcome, do not hesitate to contact us and suggest changes or improvements, we are always looking to improve the experience of those who take our courses!